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45 48%
23 24%
I don't like either!
5 5%
I'm a ponce, I drink herbal tea!
3 3%
Coffee, but only fresh, instant coffee sucks!
4 4%
What a pointless thread get a life you moron!
14 15%
Voters: 94.
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-Both, because I like them.
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put a poll up

tea for me.
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oh yeah
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put a poll up

tea for me.

I was but I got a load of replies while I was doing it lol.
lately its been tea for me.
I like tea without any milk in it and green tea.

I like iced coffees too though...

But lately its been a lot of green tea.
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-Both, because I like them.

Crap, I never thought of that, I like both aswell, didn't put the option up for that.
I like tea better but don't really have either of them. I just have tea every few months if my gran is making me have it.
Tea because it taste nice, and if you dip biscuits into coffee it would just taste bad.
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Coffee all the way! Maybe a bit too much tho.
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I don't really like instant coffee that much, but fresh coffee is lovely. Brewed early in the morning, really strong, no sugar and no milk.
tea is only winning because most of us americans aren't awake yet....

I never did like tea. I honestly can't stand to drink it. I don't know why, as I was born in Tennessee and raised in Arkansas, but I can't drink it.

Coffee, on the other hand, I could drink all day. It makes me happy inside.
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I choose Herbal tea because I drink alot of Green tea, but I dont like any of the other Herbal teas, a close second is normal tea.
Coffee and baileys, for every coffee of the day. The come downs a bitch
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Tea is the only correct answer there, only proles drink coffee.
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Tea. Although I disrespect men who regularly drink all the herbal stuff. But only because I'm prejudiced.
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I voted coffee.

And I'm laughing because Ponce is the funniest damn word ever!
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coffee after meals and otherwise tea, but tea with a proper full english breakfast in the morning rocks

yes i am english
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I choose Herbal tea because I drink alot of Green tea, but I dont like any of the other Herbal teas, a close second is normal tea.

I also like fresh coffee, but generally, I don't bother with hot drinks unless I'm making one for someone else, too.
i don't drink much caffeine, it raises blood pressure and thats not something i need since i'm naturally kind of hot-headed.
And I like iced tea. I'm a southerner =/

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Tea, just tastes better. Coffee goes right through me, but I do drink a lot of it.
I prefer instant to filtered coffee.
Coca tea....
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