i've got a freaking problem with my ibanez smashbox..it seems reallly loud when i swith from the clean to the distortion with i step on it...and the volumes only at like 2...can anyone like help me?
It's the gain. Lower it.

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turn the level knob down.

If that doesn't work turn other knobs randomly until desired results are achieved.

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Oh dear. I'm in a fit of lulz.

Well played.


(assuming that is, in fact, Kerry King

If not, I still find it hilarious)
i don't think its the gain..if i don't touch the guitar and step on the pedal,lots of fuzzy sounds come about...and i really mean a lot...

and the sound doesn't just increases a lil..it multiplies like 3 or 4 times...screw this crap...so pissed i'm completely broke