Lol you were searching for pedo vids xD
"Punk is a state of mind, and no one can take that away from you."
i lol'd but in all seriousness that guy is pretty damn scary. the way he was talking was disturbing.
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cof_median11 is a Child Rapist.

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Theres a mosquito that lives in my room and i let him bite me all the time and i let him live. It's our special deal. His name is "The Dude".

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cof_median11, you sick ****.
I think he was acting that way just to piss off that dick reporter. I know I would.
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If I were ever confronted by him, I'd just shoot him in the nuts xD

EDIT: and i bet he had bad breath. He breathed at the reporter, and the reporter cried a little and stepped back.
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