Well this is my latest offering - it's meant as an album closer, hence the title. This is heavily inspired by Symphony X, Dream Theater and the like - most of it came about through me playing about with modes and the harmonic minor scale. It's definitely my favourite so far, outro still needs a bit of work I feel - any suggestions welcomed!

Anyway, enough of me - enjoy (crit4crit as always)

That was a good song. It has a nice feel into it, and sounded good.

Although, the synth were retardedly loud and it drowned the guitar. Shame, the guitar part was sweet. Look at how turning the synth way too loud destroyed a Dream Theater show once (stupid sound tech)!

Everything else was nice, even though I expected a form of progression, either tempo, mood, texture, etc, seeing as that is what usually is to be expected in a prog song. Don't get me wrong, linear songs can be good, it's just that I expected a progression there, especially as it was a closure, I thought that it would slow down. Nevertheless it still rocks .

As I've said, the guitar works were awesome, and the solo rocks. The outro solo, especially, was really nice, as it had an emotional feel there. However, as I've stated before, I think it would be cooler and more memorable if you progress it into another part lol, as this song is (to me, at least) more prog than epic.

Aside from that, there are only few minor flaws, such as the dissonant harmonic at bar 12, and others that I wouldn't bother to mention as I'm too lazy and am going to eat .

And I loved how you didn't used retardedly low tuning . For that, you get a 9/10.

You could crit mine if you like, it's some quasi-epic-progressive-power metal lol. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=831174
Thanks for the crit on my A7xish song!

And to answear the bit about the solo; It's jsut something I played while mucking around over the track, when trying to write the solo! And it seemed to fit well at the time, looking back on it thought. There is definantly room for improvement in there, along with choruses and such!

Anyways, this song!

Symphonic metal isn't my thing, lets get that out of the way!

Cool intro! Good use of intruments there and chords, and melody!

Drum fill at 41 stood out to me, as something really cool!
But the preverse itself dragged out alot, but its symphonic' so it's meant to be long. Right?

The verse riff was really cool, reminded me off Pantera for some reason or another.

Prechorus sounded a bit messy to me, not to sure how it would sound of GP' though.

The chorus was really cool, sort of dark & creepy! Which is really coool!
Again, amazing chord useage!

Bridge riff is wayyy to much like the verse, in my opnion!

The solo was cool! Just proof of the point, you don't need to be at 4893657947notes per second to sound cool!

The last 2 bars of the lead guitar reminded me of A7x! And after that was sort of like I Wont See You Tonight, Part 1 by them, except they used just a piano. But it has that same feel to it, if you get what I mean!

Overall, 8/10, Considering I hate the genre. AMAZING JOB!
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I like the bassline in the intro, but I think it would sound better on a finger bass. The harp and the keyboards sounds really cool too, but I really hated the dissonant, ambient guitar in bar 12. It was just kind of uneccesary. The solo fit perfectly.

The build up to the pre-verse starting at bar 34 was amazing. You used some very nice chords in the pre-verse. Verse riff gets the job done. Nothing too special though.

The pre-chorus was way too dissnonant for my liking. And the keyboards are way too loud. You should mix through a set of headphones.

The chorus is pretty cool. I like the strings the best.

Solo was a little too simple for me. But the last three bars were really cool. And I like how you bend it into the outro.

Outro is very soothing. Nice chord progressions.

That was a pretty good piece. A lot of it wasn't quite my style, but I can still appreciate it. 8/10.
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The beginning is excellent, especially that really tasteful solo.

The first slow chord part is really cool, and the verse riff is excellent.

At first I didnt really like the Prechorus, as it sounded a bit... odd, but it was a nice change. The Chorus is ****ing awesome, very dark and cool.

While the bridge was cool, it was a bit similar to the Verse... The solo was ****ing awesome though. Outro was good as well.
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I thought that was... Lovely! Perhaps the first time I've listened to one of the contributions in this forum and actually felt moved by a MIDI version of a song, haha! Well this would make an excellent closing track, so you're right to be after that sort of thing. The harp piece at the beginning is good too - the intro reminds me of the music in some final fantasy games actually (in a good way!). The only single thing that bothered me was March of Eternity's point about the dissonant harmonic, which is a little annoying... perhaps change that (but then perhaps you want it there, it's all a matter of taste).
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oh, em, gee

thats amazing, i love it

very nice touch with the harp and the choir in the intro

i could learn from you =]



i did learn from you lol, "Hellbound Believer", link in my sig

and i just listened to this again, still as good as when i last heard it =]
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Wow, you're songwriting has really evolved a lot man compared towhen you were just first starting haha.

Intro was good. Pretty sweet bass line in there and when everything else comes in it sounds nice and natural and fits the mood well. That natural harmonic on the d string in bar 12 sounds really off though. Acoustic guitar was pretty sweet as well as the timpani. It gave it that grand, epic feeling haha.

Intro solo was just amazing. It counded so nice and peaceful, I didn't want it to end. Pre-verse pretty much was flawless. Everything flowed so well. \

Verse had a pretty cool riff, but the strings sounded kinda forced the way you had them in there. It also seemed like it was a little too slow. It was a cool riff, but at a faster tempo, say just 125, with some more upbeat drums, it would give this section a little more energy imo. I also, for some reason, could picture some really cool piano stuff going over this riff. Maybe try to throw something like that in there. It sounded good as it is, but I think you could make it even better

Pre-chorus was basically flawless. I loved the bit of dissonance you put in there with using the harmonic minor. Awesome riffage.

The chorus was great as well, but I would've really liked to hear some blastbeats come in at bar 122. Like try using 16th triplets on the bass drums, because 32nds sound too fast. Bridge was good, but some variation on the drums would really liven it up and add some dynamics to the song as well as keeping the listener interested in the music.

Solo was quite awesome though. You're phrasing and licks are pretty good. I really loved the feel of bars 148 and 149. I'd really like to see those chord progressions expanded on a little more.

Outro wsa pretty much perfect. The acoustic guitar is very soothing and the strings work very well here to give it a nice atmosphere. the lead melody is also quite amazing haha. The outro sounded so good, I just didn't want the song to end where it did. I really liked the atmosphere that the outro created.

Overall, this is a pretty damn good song man. My main gripeis just the drums in some places. You're riffage is tight, and so are your leads and acoustic stuff. The strings felt a little out of place in some spots though, and it felt like you were kind of forcing them. It might have just been the drums though, cuz I changed em around a bit as well as someof the strings stuff, and it sounded fookin awesome. So I'm sure you can make this song betterman, cuz it's already pretty damn good. Best of luck man, keep it up!
This is an amazing song. I dont know if your like a pro guitarist or anything but you def got some skills.

The intro was very nice. At first I thought it was gonna have like a black metal feel but you drove it home. The solos were Very nice! I might just be saying that because i really have no idea how to write good ones but your was amazing.

The only thing i was disappointed with was their was only one chorus. =( Or i miss counted and now everyones gonna flame me =)

Keep up the good work brotherman
I can definietly see the symphony X influences. In the intro some of the harmonics sounded wierd though. I love the build up during the solo into the next part. You did a great job with the drums as well. The verse is such a sick riff, I love it. Awesome job man. I felt that the A chord in the pre-chorus after the verse clashed too much with the sweet melodic parts the song was composed of so far. I would definitely change it. It sounds like you're trying to be dissonant but it just isn't working out. In the chorus, the sort of dissonant sound works with the diminished chords etc. The solo was great. Not too fast, not too slow, no unnecessary notes. Outro was really good, perfect album closer.

Overall, this is some really good stuff dude, awesome job!
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First of, I gotta say that I love most parts of this song Amazing!
and now to the more detailed crit:

Intro is nice love the use of the acoustic guitar in the background and creating this tense athmosphere. Lead guitar could´ve been louder, tho. Love the Pre-Verse Progression, very melodic, nice way you did the fills on the guitar Verse Riff is great for the Symphnoic Metal Part, although I´d go easy on the doublebass in the Verse, it´s jsut so overused. Pre-Chorus was very Progressive, it was nice itself, but it destroyed the nice melodical athmosphere that was created with the Pre-Verse and Verse. Not big fan of the basswork in the first parts, tho, exept the little fill thingy you did in bar 60 and so on, that was great. Verse and Pre-Chorus again, and now the Chorus... well, it didn´t seem like a chorus to me, it was a huge letdown for the whole song. I expected some epic thingy, but all I got was some symphony X Proggy Stuff, maybe rework that and use the CHorus as a bridge, maybe? Bridge was great tho, nice sad feeling through the melodical parts of the song. Solo was great I could really imagine a live performance of this in a big arena, with all the spotlight on the guitar and the fans cheering. Outro was nice, outro Solo was even nicer Nice song, 8/10 for it until now keep up the good work!
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