I was looking at a bad monkey to tighten up my sound and to push my amp a little harder. I've heard that it doesn't have very much gain, so I was also looking at the dod 250/308 overdrives and the mxr distortion+(actually an overdrive), or the sd-1(last resort). Will these have the same "tightening" ability as the bad monkey, but with a little more gain?
the marshall jackhammer has plenty distortion on it... its an overdrive pedal
The MXR has very little gain as well
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how much extra gain do you need?! i mean for an amp w/ classic rock gain (like 80s type hard rock), the bad monkey should push you w/ enough gain. but if ur using a completely clean as a whistle amp...then i guess the heaviest u'll get w/ a BM is classic rock. but damn...isn't that about the max gain that most (good) ODs put out? i didn't think there was an OD that was good that took you from clean to metal LOL.
maybe ur underestimating how much gain increase you'll actually get from the pedal. and remember, you put the level up full first, THEN adjust the gain knob to ur liking. so for all you know w/o any gain hardly at all, the BM could push ur amp to where u want it already!

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The DOD YJM308 OD is basically a modded OD250 to Malmsteen's specs. The YJM308 is cheap as hell and well worth it. I've been using the YJM308 for the past 5 or 6 years and have attempted to replace it with various OD pedals, but I don't see the YJM308 leaving my setup any time soon. It's a great OD pedal, check one out if you can.