I've bought a new computer recently and when I installed Guitar Pro 5 it just wont get any sound. When I look at the audio options on my old comp. it's set on a midi output, but on my new comp. I can't chose any midi outputs at all. I get the intro sound for guitar pro but no sound when it's playing notes. I've also read about stuff like I need to turn up the volume control etc. but it's nothing like that.

Anyone had this problem? I find it utterly annoying to not being able to use my new comp. with guitar pro for no particular reason. I'm pretty pissed atm.

Please give me any tips that might fix this.

Thanks in advance!
make sure firstly that your computer's soundcard supports midi, secondly install any drivers for the aforementioned soundcard and you should be fine
You need to install the midi drivers for your sound card that's all.
Guess what scale this song is in and I'll give you an eCookie.

edit: ok fixed it now. thanks for the answers
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