Hey, I thought I was going to have enough for the Gt-10 on arrival but apparantly not, so it looks as though I'm going to have to settle for a GT8.

How much better actually is the Gt10?
I know its got the new scooped marshall and a few new features, a looper and whatever, but I dont see myself using a looper tbh anyway.

What dyou guys think, Itll be a long time before I could save the rest for a gt-10, is it really worth it?
Quote by sdmf.1919
How much better actually is the Gt10?
Really depends on how you look at it.
In my opinion, it's not.

GT-8 > GT-10
Is far as I can see the GT-10 doesn't really improve much sound-wise. I was quite disappointed with the demos. USB 2.0 and the noob tone feature are nice I suppose. Go for the GT-8 if you can make a big saving.
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Yeah I was thinking that, the only reason I was really put off is that people said the sound quality was alot better on the gt-10, plus it has the built in 10 band eq, but Ive got the 7 band eq anyway so I could just stick it after the gt10.

Tbh the gt-8 appealed more anyway. he gt-10 looks reallly complicated lol.