I've been looking around for a new electric guitar to upgrade from my beginner level SX Stratocaster copy.(If you havent heard of the maker, then dont look for it, it's not worth looking for.)Mostly I have been doing research on a Epiphone G-310, but recently i heard it wasnt that good.Is this true? Please tell me if a G-310 is a good upgrade,if not, tell me what a good guitar is for under 250$ and that suits Led Zeppelin or other classic rock stuff.
I hear a lot of good things about the G-400 and if you can get one on ebay you can usually find them for around 250...

But when buying off the net you always risk getting shafted by Epiphone's quality control.
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i say switch the pick ups in ur sx into like seymour duncan hot rails and some emg actices then uve got a nice guitar
Ok, thanks guys.I'll start looking around for a G-400,though, i was gonna ask for this at christmastime.But i doubt my parents will get something like this.If i do get it for christmas, well that will be the day.Hopefully i can get a job or something over the summer to help go towards the G-400.
Actually, lately i have been looking at either a Dean Z-X or a Washburn WI 15.Are these good for classic rock too? please let me know.
No. The cheaper Dean guitars are turd. I say stick with the G-400.
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