I'm not 2 good with musical notes so i tend to play a lot of tablature. I'm quite good with chords but the musical notes thing just dont work for me.

does anyone else prefer tab?
The majority of people on this site probably use tabs, that's the main reason they're on here.

I'm not sure if this is the wrong forum... so I won't report you... yet.
Yeah,I only use tab.

I can read treble clef, but tab is just so much easier.
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Tabs are the easy solution, but notes are generally better.. If you don't know the song you'd be able to play it without hearing it if you read sheet music good.. Tabs, on the other hand, can be very inaccurate.. But tabs are a lot easier for guitar.. If you don't plan on learning any other instruments, just stick to tabs
i only play the guitar so ill just stik to playing the guitar and i'm exactly the same i cant play musical notes to save me life. lol.
I can read piano sheet music but I just can't get my head around it for guitar. Tab seems to suit it a lot more.
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I prefer tab because they're so easy to get ahold of. Try and learn stave and junk though, it'll benefit you in the long run.
I prefer playing from sheet, its just what im used to and tab doesn't give you any indication of time or key so sheet is better in that aspect.
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If you're just a casual rock guitar player, I'm not going to be pretentious and tell you that you need to learn music notation, because you don't. There's nothing you would do that requires reading music.

However, you do need to know music notation if you are:
-studying jazz
-a serious performer who gets contracted jobs
-a professional musician (non-rock)
-studying music in college
-in any serious non-rock ensembles

I almost never read tabs anymore. I'm involved as a violinist in many classical ensembles, which has never even heard of "tabs". On guitar, I study mostly jazz, which also uses notation. As a composer, I write out my scores in notations and give the music to musicians who know how to read notations because it's much easier and efficient to learn the music that way instead of having to tell them how to play every note.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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i prefer tab.. but i NEED the notes to see the note values.
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