lately, ive been learning such songs on my bass as:
Accepetable in the 80's - calvin harris
The girls - calvin harris
robot rock - daft punk

ive also reequested for DANCE by justice for bass and was wondering if anyone could reccomened any songs/tabs lke this i could learn.

Thanks In Advance,
you should learn some chili peppers if you know how to slap well
the chilis bassist flea is one of the greatest next to bootsy collins, les claypool and stanley clark!!

love rollercoaster-chilis
ballad of bodacious-primus
time- pink floyd
cheers but a didnt mention a wanted more electroinic (is that right) bands/tabs/basslines thanks though
Are you looking for more Nu-Rave stuff? If so.. Klaxons, Hadouken maybe?
stuff like that and electronic stuff like daft punk for example

btw - i know Atlantis To Interzone By Klaxons