hey guys,
our band has a gig at a school activity, its an overnight activity that our school organizes everyyear for the grad students and we desperatly need order in our setlist. these are the songs we play

Lovely man -RHCP
Plush - STP
Fire woman - The Cult
Hotel California - The eagles
Sweet child o mine - GNR
Keep on rockin in the free world - Neil Young
Gimme three steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Limelight - Rush
Sharp dressed man - ZZ Top
Young lust - Pink Floyd
No one like you - Scorpions

We have already established that well start with sweet child and follow with Young Lust, after that we're lost.

So my question is, what would be you're order of songs to play??
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sharp dressed...
no one...
fire woman...
then finish with plush...
write some of your stuff?
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