In an hour.

We had one yesterday that was, frankly, awful. So, hoping tonights will be a hell of a lot better. Any tips on raising the troops moral?
make the drummer do something cool and than guitarist starts to play something in the rhytmn in some sort of key, that's how our band does songs.
raising their moral? i dunno, read them some philosophy maybe. nicomachean ethics is pretty good, i guess.

if you want to boost their morale, don't bother. it'll be fine. bad practices happen. you just gotta accept it and move on from them.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
don't practice, play video games, go to a bar something fun to take the repetitiveness out of practice.

you'll find that after a little horsing around and having fun everything is cool
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Quote by dullsilver_mike
well, what specifically was awful? Try taking the awful parts and then doing the opposite!

This is what I'm wondering....

Without knowing exactly what the problem was... my advice to you is keep people focused. Know what you want to accomplish before practice and then keep everyone on track.
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