Ok, I don't know the answer, so I need a little help.

A bird is in the middle of a bus.
It's flying/standing still in the air, not touching any parts of the bus.
When the bus starts driving forward, will the bird stay in the same position or will it go backwards?
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The bird will stay in the same position, but the bus will move ahead of it until the bird splats on the back window.
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Go "backwards" if it is indeed hovering.

Its just the bus that's moving

Like a kolibri.
Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land
its hovering in the middle of the bus?

well it will stay in the same place relative to th outside, but the bus will move.

i think...

its just like the old argument about the Irn bru can in the back of Belinda... (if ANYONE gets the reference i will love you forever)
I guess it's a trick question, it will stay in the same place.
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it will stay stationary in relation to the ground (move back in the bus). At least that would happen if there was vacum in the bus. But since theres air in the bus, it will slowly start moving forward until it is stationary in relation to the bus.
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It will go backwards relative to the bus.

Relative to the earth, it won't move (until it hits the back of the bus of course).

This is true........You win sir.
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Rather then start a new thread anyone want to throw me some help....

A turntable with a moment of inertia of 5.4 x 10 ^(-3) kg*m^2 rotates freely with an agular speed of 331/3 rpm. A 1.5g cricket lands at a distance of 20 cm from the center, which moves to to 3 cm from the center. Calculate the change in angular speed of the turntable and the work done by the cricket.
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