My Douglas Hawker arrived today from Rondo 99% intact. The pickup selector switch was snapped off, I emailed Rondo and I'm sure they will take care of it so no worries there. Ok, so this guitar was $170, less than $200 total including shipping so I wasnt really sure what to expect. It looked so good online I just had to order it.

I am pleasantly surprised by this guitar. It looks great, the build seems very good for the price. There are some small finish flaws but you really have to look for them to see. The set up out of the box was actually pretty good, low action, intonation was close. ****ty strings but those will be changed very soon. It has a cheap plastic nut which i'd like to eventually swap out and Grover tuners. The EMG-HZ pickups sound good enough for my home playing.

I wasnt sure what to expect when I ordered this and was almost preparing myself to be let down......I am very happy to be wrong in this case. This is a very solid guitar for the price. It definitely doesnt feel cheap. I'd say its about on par with my Epiphone.

Let me know if you have any questions, here are some crappy pics...i need a better camera:

Grats on the new guitar!
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It looks great. I love the maple neck with the LP shape! May have to consider saving my pennies to get one. Keep updating your post as you play and get to know it better.

You have a labatt blue hockey stick?

But... looks like a hawt geetar.
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Quote by darkarbiter7
You have a labatt blue hockey stick?

But... looks like a hawt geetar.

Hell yes I do, doesnt everyone?