Hi there

I am looking for any tips on achieving John Frusciante’s style for any Chili Peppers song. I have the following set up…

Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe


Boss Chromatic Tuner TU2
Boss DS-S Turbo Distortion
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Mxr phase
Jim Dunlop fuzz wah
Boss Super Chorus CH1
Boss Equalizer GE7


Fender Hot Rod Deville 410

Does anyone have any ideas for an overall tone setting of the Deville Amp? Is it worth using the distortion of the amp or depending on the pedals entirely? Also, I have a Boss Compressor CS3. I was thinking about running this at the end of the chain to ensure the dynamics are controlled when changing from clean to distorted sounds. I’m thinking about running this through the effects return as opposed to the pedals, through which the signal will travel and then to the amp.

Thanks for your help
If you're looking for some technique's of him, search on youtube there are a few good video's on there
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by the looks you've done your research and bought most of his standard equipment

theres allready "the ONLY RCHP thread V2.0"....the clue is in the title

also, there is allready "the ULTIMATE settings thread" see above

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Use the amp's clean channel for sure. The DS-2 and Muff will sound strange through a fender drive channel (versus John's marshalls, which take distortion pedals more readily). You have the right pedals, just play guitar.
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John also has his own thread

The clean channel on a Marshall, neck pickup (for SA sounds) and you should get Johns exact distorted sound, seeing as you have his two main distortion pedals.
Watch videos to get his technique, it comprises a lot of muted strumming. Its difficult at first, but comes easy after a while