ill write as i listen so i dont miss anything.
good job on the guitar recording, clear and bright. i would use some more complicated chords though, like 7ths and 9ths to build into parts. anyways, good on the rhythm.
you had some big problems with thevocals though, sorry dude.
im not sure how much was the recording and how much was you, but many of the parts are quite off the mark. generally the higher louder parts where it was also clipped(recording error, try with the mic farther away) were the worst bits, so i think a lot of that was recording.
when i was listening for them the lyrics seemed decent.
not bad!

check some of mine out? heres the newest one
what about the vocal rage, or voice talent? (not recording)

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im pretty sure i already commented on your voice, if you are fishing for compliments im not going to bite. as i said, your voice is nice enough, but a lot of the notes you try for just dont cut it.
Agreed. In the beginning, your intonation is better, but later on your notes are kinda off sometimes. Also, the mic clips a lot, but that's not really your fault. You've got a decent voice, just work on getting in tune more consistently.

In terms of guitar, it's just as advertised, acoustic rock. Gets the job done, but there's nothing particular ear-catching. I did enjoy the suspended and/or add9 chords that I heard, though.

By the way, I have a piece I recorded, should be a couple threads down. "Mellow Bass Tapping Thing" or something like that.
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Jeez dude that's some pretty good acoustic work there. Not so good on the singing though. Keep it up
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