just wondering, is there any way that a kramer neck would fit on a Squire Bullet?

No Idea. What are you up to? Do you want to replace the neck? Did the old one break, or do you just have a kramer neck lying around?
don't have a kramer neck yet, or I would have just tried it out.

I've been playing for about two - three years, and I've got a kramer neck that I want. I like the style, and the bullet has 21 frets, kramer has 24. I need more frets to play a few songs.
Hope so...
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wrong forum, belongs in building and customization
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buy a new guitar with 24 frets! squier bullets are generally ****, get an RG or summit, or jackson dinky, lovely jumbo frets on those
I doubt the neck will fit with the difference in frets. You'll need to find one which's fretboard is longer than the rest of the neck, so your neck pickup might possibly be in the way and even if it doesn't, I still can't guarantee that it'll fit (different neck joints on different guitars - different screws and what not). You're best bet is probably to go to www.warmoth.com and see if they have something that fits your needs. Even if they don't, you can probably still get a custom neck that fits if you give them a call.
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single pickup, by the bridge, but I'm planning on upgrading it later.