I'm building a custom guitar and I'm planning to put a floy rose tremolo on it. the thickness of the body is only 40mm. Is it possible to fit a floyd rose tremolo regarding the thickness of the body?

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Check out how large the sustain block on the Floyd is, you might not be able to put the back cover on.
Thx but the back cover isn't realy a problem, most important that I am able to use it as normal and that the trem claw is not pointing out through the body.
And with the ibanez S i think they are using their own version of the floyd rose and it may be a little shorter.
I believe an OFR has a 37 mm sustain block - it would be pretty tight and i dunno if you could actually use the bridge without it coming proud of the body.
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Yes I've also been thinking about that. What about the FLP then?. I've heard the sustain block is smaler or at least shorter than the orginal version
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Ibanez S guitars are pretty thin so I think it will still work

S uses ZR trems though so I'm not sure how it is on floyds.

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You may need to go non recessed, but if you can get a Floyd on an SG, you can get one on anything.
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S uses ZR trems though so I'm not sure how it is on floyds.

That's one thing, and another thing is- the S isn't as thin as people love to say.. It's carved hella thin towards the edges, but the center is plenty thick.
Aren't Edge III direct swap for OFR? If so:
Get someone with edge 3 guitar (there are lots round here) to measure the thickness
If it is less or equal to 40 it will work

Something tells me this is a stupid plan...
40mm? Isn't that rather thin for a guitar? What is it, a Blackmachine?

I'm not sure on the minimum body size for a floyd, sorry.
A floyd rose pro should work better because the trem block isn't as tall as a regular floyd. I have an OFR on a Ibanez JEM body (recessed cavity) and it fits ALMOST perfectly. The block hits the trem cover but I just loosen the screws on the covers and works fine.
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