hi, i have a problem with my amp, its a Johnson JT50, its quite rare but its good for me as it is a modelling amp with some built in effects and that. i play it with a Fender Telecaster 62 Jap and am constantly receiving a constant hum. the hum is not really there if the setting is on clean, but the more the overdrive/distortion - the more the noise/unwanted feedback.
so i was wondering what i could and should do. i have a pedal board of effects and was wondering if a Noise gate, or Noise Reducer could be a suitable option. Or am i just best off getting another amp. I also dont have much of a budget so please keep that in mind.
Is the noise the amp of the pedals? Plug your guitar straight into the amp, does it make noise? Which pedals make noise if not? Is the amp SS or tube?
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Check the cables you use because manytimes cables make noise
If not I don't know well but I've tried some amps with same pedals and all of them made noise when I turn up the things
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the amp is Solid State. the amp makes the noise with or without the pedals. i dont think its the cables. i do have not so good ones, and a planet waves one. its a standard planet waves, but they're meant to be good right?
so would u guys recommend a noise gate pedal?
Well, I'm not sure how it is over there in the UK, but over here not all Electrical sockets are grounded. And if you're play through one that isn't you may get some noise from your amp.