Ok so i have a Marshall mgcd10 (i know i know please don't say anything) but anyway i took the back off of it cause its gotta closed back and i wanna make it so its kinda halved so i can put stuff in the back BUT ANYWAY i opened the back up and all that was there was the speaker nothing more i didn't touch anything or anything but now ever since i put the back on its been insanely loud like when im not playing, a really loud buzz. it sucks how do i fix it?
i tried that it didnt help much

is it possible that i did some thing to the things that connect to the speaker?
it's possible you poked the speaker cone and are getting some very loud, harsh sound from it
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...To put stuff in the inside of the amp...wow just wow. If you can't get it fixed, try taking it back to the store and see if theyll exchange it for a new one.
it worked for my friend!