I am considering putting a photo on a guitar body (maybe a face or something) and heres how I hope it may be able to be done...

1 sand it down to bare wood.
2 print the photo onto clear plastic like the stuff they use for overhead projectors. I would only have the outlined main object, not a square photo.
3 glue it to the guitar with....not sure what glue!!
4 wait till it dries and spray polyurethane varnish over it then sand and finish.

Would it work? Has anyone done this before? Any advise?


Yeah, its been done. For glue I would use spray epoxy, as it provides the thinnest and (very important) even coat of adhesion. Stick the photo to it and roll is until there are no creases/air pockets. After this it will probably require several extra layers of clear coat and then sanding, then more coats to make sure that the photo doesn't protrude.
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Epoxy will work ^. Those are very hard to get right btw. Im sure you will go about smart, take your time. GL!
wouldnt that overhead stuff be a bit thick? I would try to find something thinner. I dont know what though. If its too thick it wont have a smooth finish unless you use a ton of clearcoat.
^ I need some sort of transfer dont I? Can you make them yourself with a DIY kit and a printer? Perhaps I will look on Ebay and see if there is anything similar to what I want.


I would paint it white first though so that the wood doesnt show through. Unless thats what you want.
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Maybe clear contact paper would work.
You can find it at most hardware stores.
You won't have to worry so much about bubbles that way although I don't know how well the glue will stick if any of the clearcoat makes contact with it.
I'd have a sign shop cook something up for you. Most of them do custom printing and I don't think it would cost too much for a guitar-body shaped piece. You should be able to have something put on some nice thin vinyl that you can clearcoat.

I've used inkjet transparency blanks for other projects in the past and the ink tends to fade out and start looking crud-tastic after a few months.
Just go to a local printing or silk screening shop were they do like shirts and stuff and see what they have.

You could also send a picture in to a website and they will make a sticker out of it.
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