OK well, much like the book "speed mechanics for lead guitar" I want to develop some exercises to play daily for rhythm guitar (not just metal, but mostly)

I just want that smooth, stylin rhythm technique that most of my friends seem to possess, that "magic" playing that sucks people in that you don't get from just being a lead player. but i'm just the "lead player"and while i *can* play rhythm , it doesn't have that flawless technique and magic to it.

i can rip through the diatonic scales and pentatonic pretty fast and with passion, and (imo) i've written some fairly classy and memorable solos.. but as i said, my rhythm playing is just not even nearly at that level, and i can't write riffs to save my life.

so i decided i'm going to lay off playing lead guitar for a while and focus on rhythm. and I need some exercises that will have the same type of benefit as doing say chromatics or sweeping exercises for lead guitar..

I know there's troy stetina's metal rhythm guitar books, those are cool, and I use a few of those exercises, but what about full chords, for example? I can sit there and play a G major till the cows come home, but how do I actually get good at chords and switching between them? and at playing crazy things where you do chords and a bunch of hammer ons at the same time and stuff? lol

Like.. you know that confused and horrified look most people get the first time they see the tab of far beyond the sun? like it's impossible? that's what happens to me when i see something like stairway to heaven, the intro to crazy on you, hotel california.. and that's the stuff i wanna be good at!

i know you'll all just say "play it slow" but I just don't know where to start.. nirvana maybe?

also, my friend who is an amazing rhythm player says just to use what i was born with, (my lead playing) and that i can never be a good rhythm player.. he's wrong, right? yeah.. he's wrong. so help me fix it!

ANY input would be appreciated, thanks
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