All of my games crash. All the same way, it doesn't matter if they're new or old, fps or strategy, high or low resource. No messages or anything, just instant crash-to-desktop. It might be a video card issue, but I think a virus is more probable (if only because other apps sometimes crash as well, like Limewire and Firefox).

So whats the best free anti-virus software to get? Just to give a little more info, this virus has survived multiple drive deletions and reformats. So either its like embedded in my friggin hardware, or it has survived in a few files that I've saved from the last few drive deletions (stuff I wanna keep like mainly lyrics and some other stuff).
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Mate this sounds like a hardware issue, not software. You can find some free software, but I don't think it's going to help.

Check your hardware. You can download software that monitors RAM and CPU temps and capacity. Use these to check everything is working right. Also, could be a heating problem. If your pc is pretty old and you're trying to run all this stuff on there, you're just stressing it out.
AVG, and it has been done before (as I was harshly told), sorry man *reported*

There are tonnes of these threads...