I've been trying to figure out since I heard this part of it. If any of you have heard, which I'm sure you have considering it was one of UG's headlines for a little while, the concert in May with the reunited Stone Temple Pilots, Disturbed, Serj Tankian, Fly Leaf, Papa Roach and Killswitch Engage plus about 20 more, well I went to their site and the very first song played on their radio promo uploaded onto the site is going to drive me insane. I want to know what it is so bad.


It's the first song that starts playing, before Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Pilots. The one that sounds like


Which I know is wrong, because I just did that in my head without even attempting to test it on guitar.
its in drop d so it's probably right

EDIT: now that ive read what the thread is about my post doesnt make sense
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If it's drop D, it's probably 8,0,0 0 8,0,0. But that's not the point. I don't know who it is - doesn't sound like a complete song to me - it might just be something the station threw in there.
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its just a random power chord rhythm that they have thrown in. there are millions like it nothing special imo
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