Hi guys, my brother wants to learn guitar but he's got dislexia and isnt able to read tabs. Are there any solutions you know of?

does that mean he reads them backwards or out of order, cause if its back wads just reverse the tab
well i dont know much about dyslexia, but i think it's that a person doesn't see numbers, he sees randoms shapes that he can't associate with anything?

in that case, and in whichever case, i believe the best answer is to just learn notes; he'd be learning new shapes that he'd associate with tones, not numbers.
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This "may" help, if your brother were to download tuxguitar to read Guitar pro files, there is a tool on there that says "show fretboard" which lets you see exactly which notes are played at the bottom of the screen, while the music is played.
Hope that helps as that's all i can think of.
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Hammy's suggestion is probably the best way to go about. Although with deslexia, it's only once in a while so I don't think he'll need that. But maybe he has it bad, then that would be the perfect thing.