Whenever I try to improvise solos, it seems like I'm always restricted to staying on the same scales/keys. Once I have the key signature of a jam session with some friends I immediately head for that keys major pentatonic scale or the relative minor pentatonic. Other then those two, it sounds like my playing is off because I'm never in key if I move a few frets away and try moving around the neck for higher/lower pitches. It's like I'm playing the same thing over and over again in the major and minor pentatonics: same shapes, patterns and sounds. Right now my guitar teacher is teaching me modes as well. How can I incorporate this into my playing or how can I improve my improv with other scales or techniques (I already know the pentatonics come from the modes)? It sucks because I'm a pretty decent player cover wise and such but I have no idea how to experiment what I'm learning. Therefore my improv SUCKS
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One way you could break down improvisation is into 2 general categories:
harmonic generalization
harmonic specificity

It sounds like you're approaching only the first, which is probably how most people
start out because it's easier. Basically a harmonicly general solo would be one
where. if took out the backing track, you'd have no clue what the underlying
progression might be.

Harmonic specificity on the other hand, a solo standing by itself would really bring
out the underlying chords without them even being there.

Sounds like you might want to work on the latter, which essentially means
"follow the chords" in your lines.

Practice arpeggios over chords as they change. You really want to be able to find
those notes when you want them.

This is certainly not something you have to do, but it is a way to get some more
melodious ideas into your soloing. At some point you can't always treat a
chord progression as 1 long key to solo in. To turn your soloing up a notch, you
have to be able to play the changes too.
That's a good way to put it, thanks! Any other suggestions anybody?

Ibanez RG350DX - ESP LTD EC-500

Peavey JSX 212 Combo - Digitech RP 250