I got a whammy bar along with my guitar, and only today found it.
The thing is, I attached it to my guitar, but it is really stiff to press down, and there's no hope trying to pull it upwards.

Is this normal in "new" whammy bars (It CAN be classed as new)???
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What guitar do you have?

I got it for my birthday like, 2 years ago.
All I know is that it's a Bluerock, and it looks like a Stratocaster.

I am a REAL guitar noob, I don't know if it's floating or not...

does it have a bridge like that?
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does it have a bridge like that?


Aahh, Now I know

The front is screwed down...

Should it still be stiff though?
If it is too stiff maybe you have to many springs in the spring cavity. Open it up and check it out, perhaps there are 5 springs in there. If you remove one it will be less stiff. I you remove to many though the bridge will rise up.
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