Hi ,

I recently started practicing a lot of legato.
One thing im really conscious about is the way i hold the guitar.
I mostly hold it with my thumb over the neck, cuz I just don't get the
strength in my fingers to do the hammer ons and pull offs when my thumb is
behind the neck . But the irony is this seems to be the way most shredders
play ....for example Paul Gilbert in this video...


Is there an advantage in playing like that ??? moreover ...how do you do it ...
I mean ..how will you get the strength to do fast legato when you are playing like that ?
I had the same problems with hammer ons and pull offs and I bought a gripmaster - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gripmaster-Exercise-Tool?sku=429070

Not only does it help with your h/ons and p/offs but it really built up dexterity for my fingers in general-I can't shred like those metal players but I'm a lot more comfortable with my scales and whatnot after I used it for a couple weeks. Just as a warning-the first week totally destroys your fingers. Cramps and it hurts like crazy but eventually your fingers will get used to it...cheap too so that's my two cents.
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I had the same problems with hammer ons and pull offs and I practiced over and over again until they sounded right.

leave your hand wherever it feels most comfortable. then practice repeatedly. it'll come to ya.