I've got digital effects zoom g2.1 which let me produce pretty much any sound I like. (with more or less effort). I mainly play just hooking the headphones into zoom but occasionally I need a small, portable amp, 15W is fine (or even less). Which amp should I buy? I obviously want to save on money and not pay for effects on amp because I already have them. I would also like to be able to hook a source of music into the amp to jam with ( I know that Line6 spider lets you do that). Any advice?
Many thanks
Dont get a modeling amp (eg, cubes, valvetronix, spiders), because it will make the G2 sound like crap. From personal experence, I know the chorus effect on the G2 espeshially will sound dull and lifeless through a modeling amp.

You really just want a small amp with nice cleans.
One that comes to mind is the epiphone valve junior.
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im assuming the zoom had distortion on it already,
so going by that, just find the the cleanest sounding amp in the size you want