Does anyone have any experience with this pedal, is it good??



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This is a low class metal pedal... there are lots of better pedals out there.DOD makes nice OD pedals for adding not a lot of crunch, and good for adding sustain with their pedals, but other then that, look at some BOSS metal pedals... there nice.
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DOD's Thrash pedal (the pink one) is really good, but the DM one sucks balls.
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not many people like it. but i love that ****ing pedal!! i would buy another. it sounds so good. the lows are extremely tight and brutal and the highs are amazing for soloing. by itself its just a toy and thats why most people dont like it cus they dont experiment with it but when i run it through an amp mod board set to rectify it sounds professional. im serious when i combine the DOD with my Gnx1 i can sound like any death or black metal band i want... im going to use that set up when i start recording.