I just saw the Olympic Torch. I go to school right next to the torch route, and I just finished a test. So I'm going to the bathroom, and I walk out, and my friend and I decided to go see if the torch was going by (because we had heard reports of route changes). So I walk out onto the street JUST as the torchbearer walks by. This really made my day.

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Yay for you i suppose.

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I can't relate to the never ending games you play.

FUCK! I forgot to apply to be a torchbearer. Maybe in 2012.

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lol, im just asking, but whats to discuss lol?

im pretty sure there was a simpsons, maybe family guy episode, where one of them was torch-bearer, and he like put it out or something.

or maybe it was king of the hill!

geez, this is my first post is 15 months. be proud!
You should've asked if he had a light, then laughed uncontrollably.
Shouldve just screamed "free tibet!!!" and knocked the bastard down. Whether you give a **** about that place or not it looks fun
I've been here since '04.

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You should've asked if he had a light, then laughed uncontrollably.

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I don't see how that would make your day.

Its fire.....woopdie doo.....I have a lighter in my hand, would it make your day if you saw me?
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You should've asked if he had a light, then laughed uncontrollably.

Should have ran in front of the guy "wow you smell, have some deodorant"
*Burns athletes face epically*

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You should've tried to spray AXE on the torch while he was running.
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Were there crazy Tibetans and jingoist white retards?
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Free tibet!

no i dnt give a ****.
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Lightin a spliff off of the olympic torch would be epic!!!

It'd have to be a blunt and it would be the most epic spark ever.
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You should've asked if he had a light, then laughed uncontrollably.

and TS, lucky you. I saw it when it was in sydney though. But man, 8 years ago, that goes quick.
You should have taken the torch and put it on the ground so it is extinguished.

Or hold it hostage until China frees Tibet.
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I remember it came through my town for the '96 Olympic Games in Atlanta. My dad came and woke me up at 2 a.m. so he could drive the whole family to Wendy's to watch it get passed off. There were several hundred people there in the middle of the night freezing their asses off. It was pretty epic, thinking back.

People don't take this torch thing lightly.
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