Lets pick up the phone and call home
I'll talk to the voice on the other side
they say the dont know me
They want to talk to you not me

Oh, calling home in the middle of the night
No ones there to care for me
The rents are out or the sisters sleeping
if i turn up the floorboards will be creaking

Remember the nights playing in the park
the times we walked home by dark
the times i was a great skylark, the pictures i used to draw
But now im trying to get home and theres no one at the door

Oh, walking home in the dark
No ones walking home with me
The night watchers watching me
If i turn up i'll be dreaming

Strolling home now, im on my way
Sleep walking through the streets i see my home
Now i know, i wont be alone no more
The key turning in the door, the greatest thing i ever saw

Oh, this house is so special to me, makes me feel safe
I think tomorrow i'll call you instead
and never think about this night walking back home, when i was scared
I want my parents to be aware where i am and if they care
Im a very happy boy walking home in the night glare

Thanks for reading. please leave some Crit, very appreciative. C4C
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Wow. that seems pretty deep to me. It seems like a kid who just wants to be loved like when he was a little kid and things were easy. am i anywhere close? lol. anyways i like it. It really hit a soft spot in me, great job bro =)
It was inspired from watching a film.

Thanks for your kind words. I will check your material out.

Thank you.