background information first, i have a vj combo and a speaker cabinet, so i changed the 4 ohm out to an 8 ohm and modded the impedence. i did mod another part of the circuit but changed it back to stock the same day.

lately the power tube has been burning hotter and brighter than normal and there is a farty crackle sound that starts popping up past 9 o'clock volume getting progressively worse with more volume, and worse if i boost the front end with an od. first thing that occured to me was 'oh, i guess this tube is just dying' so i swapped it once it cooled. it still did it just about as much so i knew it was the circuit somewhere. so i put the amp up and played on my vox in the meantime for a while.

yesterday i opened it up and looked at the solder joints and sure enough, found one that i forgot to solder well lol, so i soldered it nice and quick and also visually checked the components and looked for burn marks, but nothing. i tested it today when i could crank it, the farty crackle calmed down to a crackle now but it isnt gone yet.

what should be the next step wise GG&A members?
Our bass players amp made that noise. He took the whole damn thing apart and checked and soldered everhting that need it.... still the same thing. turns out it was his chord.... personally, the chord would have been the first thing i would have checked... but hes a big oaf and doesnt think things through.
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i'll try it right now, thanks

edit: nope, still there. tested it with a 3 foot cable i use thats always running into my vox. and come to think of it, my vox never does it and i still have my 6 foot cable running into it when i use it.

any other ideas/tips?
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