Crazy ass technical blackened death metal, www.myspace.com/t3hshredboiz.
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What a sucky name
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Every once in a while someone asks me about T3h Shred Boiz. How are they so grim? How are they so kvlt? Are their faces naturally white? The answer to these questions could quite possibly drive you insane, so they won't be addressed here.

I guess T3h Shred Boiz really got started when Satan was sitting around thinking up evil **** to do. Satan thought and thought for years, and then one day he conceived his most diabolical and destructive plan ever: T3h Shred Boiz. He would assemble the grimmest and tr00ist band that the world has ever seen. With this band He would pollute the world with the most vile and necro music possible.

Satan could not play any instruments though, so he couldn't join the band, but what he could do was find people necro enough to do the dirty deed. After searching through the blackest ov forests and coldest ov winters Satan discovered an owl thats very look would out grim an abortion at a wedding. Satan realized this was the first ingredient to T3h Shred Boiz, so He transformed the owl into a human being, if you can indeed call this beast a human. Satan named the creature Gr1m Shadow.

On one ov the coldest and kvltest winters ever to be seen on earth Grim Shadow became so grim that he cut open his stomach and ripped out his entire large intestine. Satan saw this and was pleased but then realized Gr1m Shadow had died, so Satan was like "zomg, wtf..." Satan resurrected Gr1m Shadow and gave him the curse of eternal life. This is not all Satan did on that day. Satan force-fed Gr1m Shadow his own intestine which of course triggered Gr1m Shadow to grimly vomit all over the grim and necro ground. From this vomit rose Lord Vlad Drac, the other member of T3h Shred Boiz.

It was complete. Armageddon was near. T3h Shred Boiz were born. T3h Shred Boiz never practice their instruments, never tune their instruments, and never take a swim less than a hour before eating.

The rest is history. T3h Shred Boiz continue to make the most necro music imaginable to this day.

As much as I hate the name, they aren't bad... at least so far.

Edit: actually, these guys are pretty fucking sick. Chugronomicon is great.
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When I first started listening to them it sounded like the Bible freezing into fire and what d'ya know.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the drums are annoying as hell.

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They seem kind of like a watered down Meshuggah. They've certainly got potential but the tracks are a bit repetetive IMO.
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You've mentioned that you typically play a 6 string Ibanez, but many of the songs on wtf actually feature a seven string belonging to Ron. Did you have to adjust and learn the songs very quickly for the recording?

Yeah. When I got to Florida I didn't know one riff on the entire album. We didn't take time to really learn the songs before recording either. We just set everything up and went at it. I remember how it was, haha! The dialogue of a typical recording day went something like this...

Dylan: Alright, open up Guitar Pro.
Ron: K
Dylan: *looks at tab and learns one riff section*
Dylan: Alright, open up Cubase.
Ron: K
Dylan: *records*
Dylan: *messes up* ****.
Dylan: Do it again, Jesus!
Ron: ... K
Dylan: *records*
Dylan: *messes up*
Dylan: Jesus tap dancing Christ...
Dylan: Again, no metronome this time.
Ron: K

How do they sound like a watered down Meshuggah?
Dunno, but I think they do.
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yah they do listen to chugronomicron.

they're pretty good... but god i hate them somewhat cause of their name. they should change their name and their bio/story on myspace cause its so lame.

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Funny name. They are pretty good, but they are trying a little hard with all the mentions of satan. Plus, these guys are not anywhere close to Black Metal, except they dress like it in their photos. They really reminded me of Meshuggah and some really Technical Death Metal, but that's about it. Nothing truly original, but pretty impressive.
Are you guys serious? Look at the name! The album name is 'wtf'. These guys are making fun of black metal.
Wow, I really like it. Thanks big guy !
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i think nebarskan is a cool guy, eh wears a nile and doesnt afraid of anything

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Christ....just downloaded Ghost Snorter's demo off purevolume. Do not underestimate this guy. Listen to the music. It's unbelievable.
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Are you guys serious? Look at the name! The album name is 'wtf'. These guys are making fun of black metal.

nothing gets by this guy
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These guys are awesome fairplay. I love the juxtaposition of their comical facade with their brilliantly technical music. Although at times their music is somewhat burlesque and theatrical.

Although admittedly Id feel embarrased telling someone I listening to, ahem, T3h Shred Boiz.
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What a sucky name

no kiddin. I thought this was gonna be a joke. They sound good, but sadly not good enough to make up for their band name.
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Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while f
worst name ever, but as much as i wanted to hate them, i can't. they're amazing. lol, like what would happen if Meshuggah and Origin had babies.
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