Yeah, I used to suck complete ass at skating. I could do a stationary kick flip and a terrible board slide, that's about it. I skated for about a year, but never could push myself to the next level. Well, now that I've taken a break for a couple years, I think I'm ready to get good. I mean I know where to start with the basic fundamentals and I don't think that should take me too long, but after re-learning to ollie and kick flip and stuff, where should I go from there? Also, how do you guys get over your fears when skating, it seems to be something I could never do(it's different for me with snowboarding, there's no pavement to land on). Any tips would be appreciated. Also if it's any help, I'm a pretty decent snowboarder. So tips and general discussion would be cool.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
i used to be pretty good but i quit to play guitar but im gonna start again for this summer
i snowboard too. for my fears at my park there are usually some sponsored kids there and watching them rip motivates me (especially when groms show me up)
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I wouldn't be friends with him after that whole text messege thing... not because he's a a cheater but because he's a text-messeger
Dude I skate everyday. It's so much fun other than that and guitar my life would SUCK. I say do it.
I longboard.

Speed = fun.

Soft wheels = no noise.
If you like Blues/Rock then add me as a friend. I need to talk to some Blues/Rock Musicians and need reccomendations.
dude skate a halfpipe. its way funner then doing your little flippy tricks.
i want a longboard and nice big hill to go down.. thats all i want.