Ok im in the process of trying to get a ampeg 140c.It is 140 watts solid state head.Im thinking of pairing it up with a avatar 2x12 with a v30(hellatone) and a g12h30(hellatone) Is this possible?or would the speakers blow out?
hellatones are 60 watts if i remember right, so technically yes because you are running 140 into 120, but an amp that says 140 may or may not be putting out 140 so im not sure.
guaranteed with a 4x12 of the same speakers that it wouldnt blow.
Such a cab would only be rated for 60W, I think you'd blow the g12h30 pretty quickly.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Ahh crap guess i gotta get a 4x12 then.:/
another question whats the real differences between running mono or stereo?This cab can do both if im not mistakened(except it puts out 70 watts at mono)