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The title pretty much explains it......

List your top 5 favorite guitarists and explain why

1. Paul Gilbert
The things this guy does with six strings are amazing. From his leads to his riffs its all awesome. Hes also a genuiley humble guy who hasnt let fame get to him.

2. Slash
There are just not enough things I can say about slash. He is amazing at what he does for proof just look at the november rain solo.

3. George Lynch

Amazing catchy riffs with alot of soul to his playing and incredible solos. He is one of the most underrated guitar players I know of, just because of the genre he is affiliated with.

4. Randy Rhoads

Truly a virtuoso of the instrument and thats all that I need to say about that.

5. Steve Vai

Great riff writing with this guy and such genuine skill (not just speed or fancy techniques or effects)
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Herman Li
Kurt Cobain
Joe Trohman
Matt Heafy
Sam Totman

i doubt both dragonforce guitarists are in the top five. that makes me laugh

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1) Randy Rhoads-
Greatest guitarist that ever lived and he wrote the riffs to crazy train!!

2) Alexi Laiho-
One of the best shredders in Modern Metal

3) Tonni Iommi-
He invented heavy metal

4) Jimmy Page-
His bluesy rock is amazing

5)Dave Mustaine-
One of the Greatest thrash metal players that have ever lived
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no order:

Duane Allman:
In my opinion the most well rounded player, he played jazz, blues, rock, R&B and everything and blended them together to make his sound and he was so clean. And his slide playing was phenomenal.

Trey Anastasio:
He's just a genius, he's one of the few guitarists who goes outside of the scale and uses his whole guitar neck for his playing. He can take what he hears in his head and play it with what seems like ease. And everything he plays is extremely melodical and it never seems like he's playing just to make noise.

Stevie Ray Vaughan:
He took just about every blues player and just regeritated it all in his playing. He played with blazing speed and soul like no other.

Wes Montgomery:
Practically wrote the book on jazz guitar, every jazz guitarists idol.

Jake Cinninger:
He's fairly new, but he understands the importance of phrasing, but he plays with blinding speed, just watch this video and you'll understand.
Adam Jones (Tool)

Wes Borland (Black Light Burns, formally from Limp Bizkit)

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Billy Howerdel (A Perfect Circle and more recently ASHES dIVIDE)

Danny Lohner aka Renholder (Nine Inch Nails, APC, BLB, The Damning Well)

...I don't feel like listing reasons. But, generally speaking, I believe simplicity is genius... aside from really catchy and cool riffs
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1. Dave Gilmour
Unbelievably awesome tone and feeling, definitely the biggest influence at the time of playing.

2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
The best blues player IMHO, also great tone.

3. Paul Gilbert
Not only do I consider him to be the ultimate shredder, but has also helped my technique with his instructional DVDs

4. Rory Gallagher
Great player, great feeling, and awesome use of the slide

5. I have a tough time putting other guitar players in order, but I would say Randy Rhoads.

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1. Mikael Akerfeldt:

Everything about his playing inspires me to no end.

2. Chuck Schuldiner:

His watered down, melodic version of shred made the Death 'lead sound'

3. Devin Townsend:

Simplistic rhythm playing combined with bad-ass shredding = win.

4. Pat O'Brien:

Honestly, one of THE best death metal guitarists of basically all time

5. Ihsahn:

His riffs are killer as hell, and his tone is magnificent.
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Buckethead -
Way Original... Just a nuts guy to listen to. He can shred with emotion.

Jesper Stromblad -
In Flames guitarist. They're my favorite band!

Paul Gilbert -
Taught Buckethead.

Michael Angelo Batio -
Look him up. He is the best shredder I have EVER heard!

Tom Morello -
Plays for a crazy band. Original. Rage is for music downloading legalization!
1) Mick Taylor, a true early 70's blues virtuouso, his playing could be fast or slow but always clear, his vibratos providing an emotional experience that just drew you in . His slide playing was second to only a select few guitarists. On stage you could see the determination in his face, the emotional tie beetween him and his instrument.

2) Jimmy Page, pure musical genius, great riffs great solos. Excellent sound engineer.

3) B.B. King, really was the king of the blues, the way he plays his intrument, his tone, his style, his love for his instrument.

4) Robert Johnson, although the only recordings of this delta blues legend are crude and decayed, his playing has a haunting effect that draws you in, it scares and amazes you at the same time.

5) My final slot goes to UG as a whole, filled with guitarists from 12 year old kids who might never get a big break, to proffesional musicians.
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paul gilbert - cuz hes can string skip
malmsteen - arpeggios from hell is always pretty cool in my book
satch - whammy skills
ritchie blackmore - why cant you like him

and #1 of all time

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1. billie joe armstrong
2. herman ri
3. guy from fallout boy
4. guy from ax7
5. search bar
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Slash - the ultimate "cool" guitarist, simply mad blues-esque hard rock guitarist.
Jimmy Page - just pure brilliance
Paul Gilbert - he is a machine, and seems like a good bloke
Buckethead - nutcase, but very skilled. doesnt mean he isnt a fruit loop though.
Joe Satriani - musical genius in a bucket hat and sunnies.
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bb king - this nigga got the bluues
buckethead - teh awesome
t. iommi - possibly one of my biggest influences
jimi hendrix - another big influence
kyle gass - dude
i luf da grammer knotziez

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Petrucci for all five coz his tone knob controls the sun, he can shred at 5 billion bpm and make heads explode, need i even bother explaining the other 20 billion other reasons?

btw side note, if petrucci and matt bellamy had a child...could u imagine the skills on that kid?..and the weird face coz hes a child of two dads

EDIT: seeing that dragonforce guys made some peoples list made me laugh
Synyster Gates
Alexi Laiho
John 5
Wes Borland
Kurt Cobain
In no particular order
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It's just an easy way to shift blame as always. If Slipknot caused people to get murdered, then spoons caused Rosie O'Donnell to get fat.

1) Slash. I credit him with getting me into playing guitar. Never has anyone been able to communicate with me on some weird level through playing the way Slash has.

2) Mark Knopfler. This guy just has the most amazing feel for guitar; the tones he gets are amazing.

3) Buckethead. I've never heard anyone who can play a guitar live and it make it sound like three different players...

4) Bumblefoot. A really unique guitarist; he can play loads of different styles, and I like the way he has unusual playing techniques, from fretless guitars to thimbles.

5) Jimi Hendrix. the innovator and originator. If it wasn't for him, I doubt UG would even exist.
in no real order:

billie joe armstrong: i bought an acoustic guitar at 11 years old because of Good Riddance, without this man i would not be a guitar player today

Zakk Wylde: the first guitar player i really got into, he may be a caveman and rarely ventures outside his pentatonic box, but the man plays his niche and writes crushing riffs, even if it is crushing mg overdrive

John 5: a player who was always understated in Manson and continues to be so in Zombie, but his solo stuff opened me up to a world of guitar playing i'd never seen, the way he switches effortlessly between shred and country in songs is akin to being able speak fluently in 2 romance languages

Alexi Laiho: easily the best guitar player i've ever seen live and in person, the man riffs like a demon, and his lead playing is at times jaw dropping

Jordan Buckley/Andy Williams: guitar players from one of my faourite bands, Every Time I Die, these guys very little credit for their playing but i honestly think over 4 albums, these guys have written some of the baddest riffs in the 21st century, just awesome to listen to
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No order:
Jimi Hendrix- Spawned 90% of modern rock and revolutionized effects and tones.

Eric Clapton- Popularized blues-rock and throws ALL his emotions into his playing.

Keith Richards- I like him more for his songwriting, but his licks are undeniably good.

Mark Knopfler- His songs wreak havoc on todays music. I'd take Money for Nothing any day of the week

George Harrison- Another underrated guitarist, without his riffs, the Beatles would sound very different. ie- "Sgt Peppers"
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1- Eric Clapton - Got me into guitar
2- Matt Bellamy - Do I really need to tell why?
3- George Harrisson - See #2
4- Paul Stanley - Great frontman/rhythm guitarist/song writer/shaggy
5- John 5 - I love this guy, plain and simple
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1. billie joe armstrong
2. herman ri
3. guy from fallout boy
4. guy from ax7
5. search bar

i really hope you are kidding.

1.Jimi Hendrix

2.Pete Townshend

3.Noel Gallagher

4.Keith Richards

5.Randy Rhoads
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1. Jeff Loomis- His rhythm playing and his lead playing is great. He's a technically brilliant player, yet his music isn't mindless shredorz.

2. Buckethead- Cos he's fuckin' Buckethead. If you've listened to anything of his, you'll know why I think he's great.

3. Sam Totman- He's a great player. He has a very good sense of melody and harmony, yet he can play all the fast nonsense as well. He writes the majority of the Dragonforce material, all of which is brilliant IMO. Keep negative comments to yourself. Odds are you haven't seen/heard enough of him to judge.

4. Andy McKee- Have you seen him? Have you?

5. Loads of people.
1.Jimi Hendrix. He could play a guitar left and right handed. He made sounds on a guitar that nobody thought possibly.He amazed the world and inspired millions.
2.Randy Rhoads and Jimmy Page. Randy because through his extremely short career he made some amazing songs. Page because he made great music with Zeppelin and he is Jimmy Page!
4.Stevie Ray Vaughn. He made an amazing form of blues that still makes me happy everytime I hear him.
5. George Harrison and John Mayer. I could not pick between these guys. George because he was a great guitar player and a Beatle. Mayer because he was playing in bars within two years of getting a guitar and he has some good songs.
1 - Angus young - He got me into guitar, and i love his style
2 - Jason Becker - He. Is. Awesome
3 - Paul Gilbert - Very versitile musician, and a phenominal teacher. i learned a lot from his DVD's, and he seems like a pretty decent person in general
4 - Sam Totman - I always liked his solo's more than Hermans, i dont know why Herman seems to be getting the spotlight. maby its the hair Sam writes most of the material too, and hes a pretty great classical guitar player as well. Funny guy.
5 - Eddie Van Halen - Influenced my style a lot with the whole tapping thing, and he knows how to keep his leads rythmic. Also, Whammy Bars FTW

the list could go on for a long time, it was hard picking just 5
1 Paco De Lucia.

.not only the best guitarist of all time one of the best musicians. total control over the instrument (and can play faster than any 'shredder' via nylon string fingerstyle

2 London Street Guitarist

unbelievable should play the best venues not the streets.

3 Tony Mcalpine...he plays in Vais band and pwns him on guitar, and also pwns most people at piano as well.

rest Chris Poland, Eric Johnson, Rory Gallagher, Greg Howe, Pat Metheny, Django Reinheart, Al Di Meola,
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