I've heard a lot about baritone guitars, yet all i know about them is hat they have a longer scale length than usual guitars. And i have an idea that it may have somethign to do with drop tuning guitars.
can anyone explain them to me? thanks.
The fact that they have a longer scale length means that they can withstand lower tunings without losing their string tension.

Edit: An example of a band who uses them is Chevelle. Their guitarist tunes his guitar down to drop-D 2 and a half steps down, or drop-A#.
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Yeah well typically they're tuned down a fourth from a regular guitar. If you get one don't ever tune it to a standard guitar tuning or you'll have some troubles with your bridge lifting and neck issues.
The main point of baritones is to keep INTONATION in with far drop tunings such as drop A and the such. The string tension thing is also a plus to having the longer scale for tunings so fast playing doesn't get sloppy.