Hey guys, i'm a little confused about where to go from here.

I've been playing guitar for a little over 2 months now, getting most of the basics down chords etc. I've learned a few riffs, mostly Metallica stuff. My current playing capabilities however hinder me from being able to play the whole way through most songs, mainly solo's.

Basically, what I am asking is - Where do i go from here?

I'm not sure what to practice. Ideally i would like to increase my finger speed and accuracy for solos and the likes. I'm sure scales are good for this, however i'm not sure where to start on them. There are so many scales, what ones should I do? How many times? Then what?

As you can probably see im not much of an expert on this kind of stuff. Any help would be fantastic.

Me too

I've been playing longer but I still don't really know what to do...
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just take ur time by playing things slowly and then getting faster and faster. a good scale to start with is the pentatonic minor
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Well, simply grab a tab from UG, reduce the speed, and pay very attention to what you do with the pick...
because if you practise wrong, it can be so frustrating!
remember when picking slowly or fast: either a rhythm riff or a solo lick, always move the pick with the movement of yout wrist, not your whole arm, check for a video on youtube, put something like guiness speed picking, the guy picks simply goddam fast, but explains you the best way to do it...
and about riffs to practise, I'd recommend Malmsteen stuff, try starting on arpeggios from hell, take the first tab of UG, and check the video on youtube...
but well, the scales are so many, but remember a C major is the same **** as a D major, its only a whole step above...chekc for theory lessons here in ug and in google, you probably know this one xD
rock on!
Kinda of hard to jump to Malmsteen after two months.

I'm in a simular boat, I would suggest:

1. Be patient and take it slow, concentrate on accuracy over speed.
2. Do fingerbuilding workouts for strength and accuracy, chromatic scales are good, so are trills that use the pinky. I'm sure you can find a ton free examples in the Lessions section. I'm using the book "Speed Mechanics."
3. If you have a computer and $50, get the program Guitar Pro and use the speed training feature.
4. Start learning the notes on the fretboard.
5. Practice everyday, when something starts to flustrate you, work on something else and come back to it in a couple weeks.
6. Have fun, it's important to focus on the hard stuff and play drills over and over, but it's also important to schedule some goof off time with your guitar to keep things interesting.