Hey i was looking at an acoustic bass to play unplugged with an acoustic guitar
when i mean acoustic i mean like this Bass
(thats not the bass i'm necessary going to get, its just an example)

are they much louder than an electric bass without an amp?
Do they sound crappy-ier when they are plugged in?

i'm just looking for a basic comparision between electric and acoustic basses

The one I have is good for intimate live shows unplugged, but it really shines when it is plugged in. I have a Michael Kelly Firefly and highly recommend it if you plan on useing it for many shows.
So it goes.
An acoustic bass gives a more 'warmer' sound.
in terms of loudness compare an unpluged guitar with an acoustic guitar the same goes for bass only lower off course. If the sound crapier pluged depends on the quality of the bass and amp. Just listen to some unpluged concerts like MTV nirvana Unpluged. In that concert you can hear the bass prety well.

I think an acoustic bass is a great to play with an acoustic guitar together. The only limitation you have on an acoustic bass is they are not made to 'slap' but since i think slapping is very overrated that would for me not be a problem.
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If you see an acoustic bass that looks anything like an acoustic guitar, it won't sound good. The tone will be boxy and quiet, and the strings won't sound evenly. The Tacoma Thundercheif is the only acoustic bass really worth getting, while it's cheaper laminate version, the Olympia OB3CE, is a fairly distant second. I've not tried a Warwick Alien Stage acoustic, but it's laminated just like the Olympia, so it can only sound so different. Also, it's really meant to be plugged in.

If you can find an Olympia, that'd really be your only bet for competing with a guitar for unplugged sound at a low price. The Fender BG32 is alright, but it's expensive and hard to find strings for.

Michael Kelly instruments do not sound any different than any acoustic bass that isn't a Tacoma/Olympia.

Acoustic basses plugged in have a very harsh piezo-pickup sound that can't be removed.
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