I'm planning on buying an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Custom, a Fender Deluxe American Strat, a Carvin V3 combo, and a Line 6 M13. I am low on money but I just got a job. Right now, I'm playing on a Epiphone SG and a bad amp. I can get the strat from american musical with easy payments, but it'll take longer to buy the amp. Should I save my money and buy the amp or buy the Strat and save the leftovers for the amp. I would prefer to buy the Les Paul first, but it'll take more time to get it because I can't find them on any sites with payment plans. I'll wait for the M13 because i heard they don't come out until august. What order should I buy the Les Paul, Strat, and amp?
Just buy the V3 and the Epi Elitist.
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1. V3

2. Strat

3. Les Paul

But it's your call, that's what i would do.

once you get one of those guitars you could probably sell your SG, and put it towards amp/other guitar
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which sg are you playing?? just wondering...I would go with amp first...
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