OK, so I've been taking lessons for the past 2 years from a guy named Chris Moody. I've taken em through a local store, Good Guy Music. Chris is British, and basically my favorite guy ever. He's made me exponentially better, especially compared to my last teacher. I'm so pissed about this!

Any UG'ers experience the same kind of trauma?
Nah, all the teacher's I've ever had were bags of douche. I've always learned more by just practicing extensively. I've yet to find someone awesome like this Chris Moody you speak of...
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i took 3 bass lessons and 2 days after my 3rd lesson the guy quit. i taught myself pretty much everything i know and i think that its been better this way beacuse i've put a lot of hard work into it and developed my own style.
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My guitar teacher left at the end of last year. I had him for one whole year, but it still was a bummer, I quit my lessons after.
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My guitar teacher left after 8 years of lessons from when I first started. It turns out I like my new one more...
Your next one will probably be cool.
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