Hey guys, whats the best way? Metronome+chromatics? or metronome+fast song part? Thanks!
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no, just run chromatics and such. there are DEFINITELY not a shortage of exercises for you to look at on the internet, everyone's an expert.
metronome+scale triplet exercises+practice
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Oh man, I saw this thread title under the recent thread bits on the front page, and I thought "Man, I'm glad that's not in The Pit."

But yes, so this isn't spam, practice.
learn a scale, use a metronome starting at 60bpm,
first play quater notes (one note every beat) - after you can play it perfectly five times in a row...
next play eighth notes (two notes every beat) -perfectly five times...
triplets (3 each beat) - again...
16th (4 each beat) - yep got the picture?

then just move up the bpm

o yea and make sure every tone you play sounds the same
hope i wasnt vague
Strength + Accuracy = Speed/Time

...I'm going to say that in words now: "If you practice fingering properly, cleanly, accurately and otherwise CORRECTLY, with a metronome and SLOWLY get faster, you will play fast and clean in no time at all... do it with anything... don't box yourself into the run-of-the-mill fingering exercises you find online (although they have their place, no doubt) but fingure out what you want to do and at what speed you want it... then get to it... practice slow, and slowly move up the bpm ladder... this is how I personally learned my first few solos. I'd figure them out by parts... or by playing the chord over the sweeping sections and then slowly worked up to the songs speed... now it's easy... but it took time.

My advice is, use discipline.

You see, speed is no where near is important as your CLARITY and ACCURACY.

So, start with a scale/song part/whatever, and start with an EXTREMELY SLOW TEMPO. (I know this can be extremely stressful but stick with me) and work through at that tempo. (Do quarter notes, eighths, etc.) Then when you can play whatever you are practicing 100% accurately every time, move up the tempo about 10 BPM and do it all over again. This will ensure you play ACCURATELY every time and will help you in the long run by avoiding sloppy but fast playing.

Hope this helped!
speed is a byproduct of accuracy.
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