ok um since one of my ideas was shot down could anyone give me their ideas of the best amp they think possible for only up to $300? id like it to be able to play small gigs with it as well so not only is tone important but also like enough volume to play over a not too hard drummer; or it could have a line out to hook into a pa system...plz remember i got small ass budget so $300 max on ur ideas and maybe leave links for me if u could? ite thanks
if ur playin sumwhere with a pa system u wouldnt want to use line out, ud just mic the amp up
/my 2cents
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a marshall avt20 is a pretty good amp in my opinion only like $290ish ill get you a link in a minute
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a marshall avt20 is a pretty good amp in my opinion only like $290ish ill get you a link in a minute

I'd say no, just because I had the displeasure of owning a Marshall Valvestate.

It was one of the worst Marshalls I've played since the MG.

TS if you need versatility, I'd say check out some modelers like the Cube 30 or the Vox Valvetronix.
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Stretch your budget a little bit, and be happy for a long time with a Crate V18. All tube goodness, plenty of power to get over a reasonable drummer. Completely pwns Valvestates, Valvetronix, and Cubes. And that's an outstanding price for what you get. Compare it to a Blues Jr for $150 more!

If tone is important to you, go tube. For a $40 difference, it would be an absolute crime to get a Valvestate over the Crate.
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