My hands sweat when i play(they just do, weird, i know), and as you can guess this causes problems with the strings. I have to change them more often because they are constantly rusting. So i was wondering if the coated strings really work? Do they just rust slower or are they almost immune to it? I'm thinking mainly Elixers, but if there are others, please tell me.
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I've got the same problem as you, but the best thing to do is find a brand of string that DOESNT rust for you. Part of the reason why its rusting is the makeup of your hand's sweat. its acidity, content of oils and grime, and other good stuff. Anyways, the string that I found never rusts for me are DR hi-beams. seems like the tighter winding helps it.
ok, I have the same problem. My doctor said it was because im a teenager and my body is changing, but when i get older it'll stop. My strings get rusted after about 1 week and i replace them every 2.

Elixers won't last much longer than normal strings. Your better off just buying strings in bulk and restringing more often. Also, wiping down ur strings after you play helps too.

note* i spoke with 3 different guitar techs in town about this and that was there advice.
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Do you wipe off your strings after playing? Guaranteed to prolong string life.

I have the same problem. These days, I change them every 2 to 3 weeks because I'm getting to where I can't stand the "dead strings" sound. And yes, I wipe them down after every practice. Averaging an hour a day and I can't keep strings longer than a few weeks? That's kinda worrying in my book. I mean, they're completely dead after a month, even if I'm not practicing regularly.
Given how recently mine started, I'm hoping it's a (really late) puberty thing (I'm turning 18 in a few months). The medical term is hyperhidrosis (yes, with an i in hidrosis), but it's just excessive sweating. But it's so annoying... especially when I'm with my gf
I just keep changing the strings and hope I'll stop sweating so much soon. I can't stand coated strings, but longer-lasting strings would be nice. It's always the unwound strings for me though... my wound strings are ok, but my unwound strings go black after a while.
I'm also turning 18 in July. My hands do sweat, but I find they stay with me for at least a month. I wipe them down, and occasionally spray them with Dr. Stringfellow string lubricant. Don't know if it actually does anything. I've stopped using it recently, due to the fact I don't want it on my new MIA Strat, just in case.