I am just getting back into guitar (have been playing for 4months now) and I will be purchasing my new practice amp (epiphone valve junior) this weekend. In an effort to have more goodies to play with I have decided to get some pedals at some point.

I desire to play blues and alternative rock, along with some classic rock and I play on a lite ash tele. I really enjoy the sounds of the Strokes, SRV, RHCP, 311, White Stripes, Ryan Adams, John Mayer, etc. I realize for some of these sounds I would be better off with a different guitar but the tele suits my needs fine for now (I plan to get an epi dot this summer as my alternate ax).

That information being given, what can you guys suggest as far as effects pedals? I am looking for reverb, overdrive (maybe even gain?), and maybe an effects pedal if I can be convinced of the necessity. Here is what I am looking at so far:

DigiTech Bad Monkey- $49.95 sounds good but I still think it may be a bit "grungy" a tone than what I'm looking for
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver- $79.99 sounds like what I want but was looking for something a bit more affordable
Boss FDR-1 Fender Deluxe Reverb- $149.99 Expensive but from the sounds clips it sounds like I can get the overdrive and reverb in one package. Could be limiting though.

Any other suggestions are welcome as I really have little idea of what I am talking about. I looked at some of the Danelectro products and while they are cheap, they also look it. Is the quality any good?

Thanks in advance,
Boss Blues Driver is a nice pedal.
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I believe the Bad Monkey would fit rather nicely. Behringer also have a few cheap ones which are OK for what they cost, and might do the sound you're after.

Danelectro makes some nice pedals. One of the biggest complaints people usually have are the cheap plastic boxes, but unless you're a heavy stomper they should hold just fine.

Either way, I think you should wait until after you've played your new amp for a while, then you'll know better what you want to do with your sound.
Thanks for the advice. I wasn't planning on buying any pedals right away. I am not even good enough to justify altering my sound as of yet. I just want to do the research now so that by the time mid-summer rolls around, I will know what is going on and know what I want to invest in.
sustain on the big muff is nice. aside from wah thats really the only effect i use now.
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