How come in the past 2 years or so there have been so many "exact replicas" of guitars coming out?
There was EVH's, The guitarist from the Police(cant for the life of me remember his name...), and now one for Slash, and I know there have been more.
These guitars are all $10,000 or more and I dont get who would buy these or why they are so popular.
Cuz they're like signature models, and it makes people think taht with these guitars, they can play like their favorite guitarists
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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Man that EVH one looks like a Trainwreck...a very, very, very expensive trainwreck...
cause people are stupid and will pay an enourmous amount of money for sigs that arent much different from their cheaper counterparts except for the name on the head stock
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Yeah, I know what you mean like I think a while ago there was a new Dimebag Razorback Custom or something...so I thought "Isn't he dead...?"
Call me Jeff if you want, I prefer that.
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Man that EVH one looks like a Trainwreck...a very, very, very expensive trainwreck...

Trains aren't exactly cheap.
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Trains aren't exactly cheap.

Lol yeah I guess I could have worded that better
because die hard fans want a chance to have a piece of something that means a lot

why the hell else?

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