Hey, im a 15yr old guitarist from Mesa Arizona, looking for a commited band. I play alot of metal, and rock. I'm probably better off as a rythem, because my solo skills fail,

If you live in Mesa, drop me a message/PM.

My Gear, ect: I play(ed) a BC Rich Warlock (Bronze) On a cheep Fender Frontman 25R. But now i play a decent Fender Bullet on the same amp. Sooner or later i will be getting new equipment, (on a budget)

How to contact me:

-Yahoo IM: Emerald_Metallica@yahoo.com
-Myspace: www.myspace.com/lancethemangafreak
-Telephone (PM)
-Text (PM)

I am currently in school, but i can practice almost any time, im always free.

Note: Please also add around what part of mesa your in!