I will need a electro acoustic like in 3 months, sogive me some ideas of some good guitars.
Something under $300.
We'll do some math.

Take a guitar from this thread:

and pick a pick-up from this thread:


And you'll have a better guitar and pickup then you could purchase together for $300.

Hope that helps.

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Ibanez Talman, got one for my gf, she doesn't play it, so it's become mine, quite an attractive guitar, plays great too. paid 200 brand new
spend about 450 on a Fender CD220SCE search it on musicians friend (bu i think its typed diefferently), but if u cant spend 450 go for a CD100
but the fenders are great!
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I got the Epiphone AJ200SCE for $250. It has a pretty good pickup.
i was in the maket erlierer. i fell in love with ibanez acoustic electrics in this range. (although i ended up geting a 600$ ibanez for 400$ on ebay) (but the other cheeper ones are great too)
If its not fender than whatever]
Ibanez acoustic guitars have very suspect quality. From what I've been hearing, they have the most problems out of all the brands in it's price range.

Anyway... listen to roamingbard, he's got the right idea.
I strongly disagree with the statements about Fenders and Ibanez's being good.
The Ibanez's do have very suspect quality control. They look fancy but the guitars themselves usually aren't worth what your paying for in terms of specs and sound. Also, the amount of people who have bought them and then had minor cases of fretbuz, major cases of fretbuzz and faulty electronics is staggering. Rarely do you see these issues with other brands, but with Ibanez they are all too common. They make good electric guitars, but there acoustics are pretty subpar compared to other brands in terms of value for money.

Fender is another brand who make good electric guitars. Unfortunately, they haven't managed to carry that over to making good acoustic guitars. I find the sound to usually be tinny and unbalanced. But then again, at least they don't have all the QC issues like Ibanez.

roamingbard13 has the right idea here. That will get you the best quality setup overall for $300.