does anyone have any experience with the iceman? im looking at getting a new guitar and that one seems pretty sweet. i just wanna know if theyre worth it and stuff....
yeah i played one at my local music store but it had emgs not stock pups.......... but i really liked the neck
I have the IC200 and honestly it was a sick guitar. Ive played high end epiphones, super high-end BC richs, expensive deans, and no guitar neck has come close to being as slick as the icemans.

even though its cheap and bolton it feels like epic quality, to me at least. A mahogany body makes it feel expensive, and mine is in Sunburst.

the pickups, INF 3 & 4s are actually great for pretty much everything honestly, but sometimes the cleans you cant really get the right tone for, but that probably has most to do with the amp. I play on a Vox AD, for reference lol.

If your talking about the IC400 or IC700, i can only imagine how intense those guitars are, but those are set neck.

the only thing is that on my IC200 i found that you have to tap the frets so hard if your doing fret tapping to get a good sound, and also when i put .12 strings on the E string fits in the bridge a bit strange, because the bridge is a stoptail but the stoptail you just slide the strings in through slots on the top instead of stringing them through.

sick guitar for the price, i honestly have not played a guitar i like better. but try it out if you can.
Its the best guitar ever. i love it with a deep passion. i have IC400. its perfect. im abt to put EMGS in it, i still have stock pickups. but its perfect. i think its the best guitar under 1500. for like anything.
I had a few of the originals over the years and IMHO the newer ones are not as good but they are good. I like almost every Ibanez neck I have tried from the less expensive guitars to the highend ones. Go out and play a few I am sure you'll like it.